Tiko El Outa

Tiko El Outa, a Georgian-German multidisciplinary artist based in New York, navigates the realms of acting, visual art, and storytelling to unravel the essence of human existence. Her fusion of visual art and narrative transcends boundaries, offering audiences a captivating exploration of profound themes.
In 2016, Tiko published “Wenn die Leidenschaft ruft,” a collection of poems in Germany, showcasing her versatility. Noteworthy solo exhibitions like ‘You are not alone,’ ‘Identity Crisis,’ and ‘Beneath the Surface’ attest to her talent in exposing the intricacies of the human condition.
Tiko’s impact extends to the cinematic realm with “Love Madness,” screened at the NY Shorts International Film Festival. Her works have found a place in prestigious art magazines, cementing her standing as a respected figure in contemporary art. Through her art, Tiko illuminates the complexities of human existence, fostering an appreciation for the depth and beauty within each individual’s unique journey.

RESIDENCY:         April 2024