Tiffany Adler

Tiffany Adler is an artist practicing in Los Angeles, CA. Adler graduated from SCI-Arc in 2017 with a Masters in Architecture. After graduating, she worked as a performing artist and model maker at Mike Kelley’s Kandors exhibit for 8 months at Hauser and Wirth, interpreting and constructing futuristic skyscrapers from the Superman comic book series. Adler practiced at several architecture firms since, where she worked on various projects based in Los Angeles, from residential to educational buildings. 


Adler’s architectural background and interest in materiality informs her calibrated processes upon which her sculptures and contemporary narratives are derived from. Her interest lies both in sculpture and the fabrication of a scene. She is both producer and architect of the constructed picture that results when collaborating with others in the film industry.

RESIDENCY:           June 2023

CONTACT:             @tiffanyadler