Teffo Krumkamp

Teffo is a Visual Artist and Cultural Mediator of the National University of Arts (UNA), Attorney Specialist in Criminal Law and Constitutional Procedural Law. She has carried out exhibitions of her works in different art cycles and cultural spaces, such as the Latin American Art Fair (Latin American Art Fair, San Diego, 2019) and the Mercado de Abastos, in Oaxaca Mexico (2019), directed by the Art Residency “Estudio A”. She has published her digital works in the artist’s book “Flamantes N°15”, and made illustrations for the book “Geofronteras” (UNAM, 2021). Her work is about hearing human contradictions, listening to music. She believes that art is a process of thinking about them a lot and facing them in order to create through them.

RESIDENCY:         February 2023

CONTACT:            www.teffokrumkamp.com