Otto Nuoranne

Thanks to his soprano-pianist mother and my choir conductor-pianist father, he grew up surrounded by classical music and played the cello from a very young age. In his early adult life, he leaned away from the classical world and went towards rock, metal, electronic, jazz, and experimental music, and this journey continues. He still ended up in a classical music academy, studying contemporary composition, and now his main aim as a musician is to combine the energy, rhythm, and drive from my non-classical music influences with the intellectual complexity and intricacy of contemporary music.

As a composer, he has mostly written chamber music for various kinds of ensembles, as well as some vocal music and solo repertoire for some instruments. But it’s very important for him to keep other elements present in his professional life as a musician – he wants to be a performer, improviser, and a producer. He always wants to be conscious of the project as a whole: Who is playing what music, to whom, and what elements (like other art forms) is the music combined with.

RESIDENCY:      November/December 2024