Euroatlas residency

This residency is an opportunity for international artists to stay and work in Lisbon.

The apartment includes a working and living studio with their own kitchen and bathroom. The space is located in a building with another studio that is used by a Portuguese artist.

Euroatla has two formats of residency to choose from. The first one is an independent residency solely based at Euroatla while the other one is done in partnership with Hangar, which includes an open day and curatorial support.

Visiting artists are encouraged to make links with other artists, organisations, students and arts professionals in Lisbon to encourage the mutual exchange of ideas.  Euroatlas residency is a platform in Lisbon and the artists in the studio and their assistants will assist the resident in sourcing materials, offering local knowledge, contacts and creative input.

The Residencies Program will be firmly established in the Lisbon arts scene, promoting diverse cultures and practices through international and experimental projects.

More details about Euroatlas

Duration of stay

The minimum period required is one month and the maximum six months.

How can you apply ?

Euroatla is open to emerging and established artists from all disciplines within the visual arts. It is also open to researchers, writers, musicians, curators and cultural programmers.