Atlas residency

Atlas residency is an opportunity for international artists to experience the countryside within close reach to Lisbon.

This new residency space emerges from the already established Euroatlas studio residency based in Lisbon, from a need to reconnect with ways of living and creating that are in touch with the environment.  Atlas is an artistic lab exploring the interaction in between nature and creativity.

The residency is situated 60km West from Lisbon, in between the urban, the rural and the beach. The space is located in the village Caravlhal of the Bombarral Municipality, next to the vibrant and historical town of Caldas da Rainha. Caldas has a great tradition in the arts with a main art college and is very known for its ceramics traditions .  

The Atlas  residency is an independent artist space, with an independent focused program opened for emerging and established artists that are looking for a place of reflection away from their usual environment and that are self-sufficient in their research.

2 bedrooms

1 bathroom



1 workspace

200 m2

More details about Atlas

Duration of stay

The minimum period required is one month and the maximum three months.

Fees and support

Atlas does not cover accommodation or travel expenses. The artist has to find their own sponsor in their country to cover the expenses.

Residents are welcomed to have visiting guests or partners however, if they intend to stay during the whole duration of the residency or longer periods of time they are required to notify us and additional costs will be applied.

Extra facilities


Wheelchair accessible

Washing machine

Ironing equipment



How can you apply ?

Euroatla is open to emerging and established artists from all disciplines within the visual arts. It is also open to researchers, writers, musicians, curators and cultural programmers.