Alba Juliao

Spending the last 10 years learning about cameras, film, alternative printing, collage, and other art forms, I can say that I’m only getting started. I spend most of my time defining what the visual world means to me. Photography and film have become the perfect medium to introduce others to multiple ways of seeing the world. Whether they understand it, enjoy it, dislike it, or are simply fascinated by it, I thrive by making others experience that feeling all together.


Drawing from my background in sustainable architecture, where I actively contributed to campaigns promoting green architecture for cities, I am well-versed in strategies that can translate into my artistic practice. My project aims to explore the delicate balance between human intervention and the natural world, reflecting my deep concern for our changing planet. Through my lens, I capture landscapes and nature, emphasizing the beauty of our Earth’s diverse ecosystems. To minimize environmental impact, I intend to utilize eco-friendly materials and methods, embracing sustainable photography techniques and ensuring responsible waste management. By intertwining my passion for sustainable practices with my artistic vision, I aspire to create a project that not only resonates with viewers but also contributes to the ethos of sustainability that I value deeply.

RESIDENCY:         August 2024